Services Overview

EAP : Employee Assistance Program

For  companies, or organizations , we offer different type of couseling from personal counseling. This program is called  Employee Assistant Program or  EAP. This program is designed as packages to meet the needs of organizations and companies. Each package contains phone counseling, personal counseling,  and group counseling. We are ready to give counseling to the team of excutives, legal counseling, family thyrapy counseling:  for spouses, children, and teenagers,  and counseling for crisis. We  also exhibit booth, and organize  seminars and trainings.

General Counseling

This type of counseling is offered for  general people who need helps for their certain problems such  as dealing with stress, adjustment in works, counseling before marriage, counseling for children and teenagers, counseling for family, counseling for ADHA (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), anxiety, legal counseling. Counsellees  can receive counseling  individually,  or  with their family,  or as group counseling.

Training and seminar

Light Post also offer training in  specific topics relating to self developing  for better life improvement. These are sample topics that we offer; dealing with stress, creating motivations for works, being  top communicator, EQ developing, and other topic regarding  self developing. (You can contact us for more information and topic.)