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Our Services

Light Post Couselling  has provided various services for  mental health counselling. We offer individual, family, life cricis,  group counselling, and counselling  by using employee assistant program (EAP). Our counselling will help you smartly deal with your problems such as  dealing with stress, building motivation for works, guidance for working life, building effective team,  advices for executives, and dealing with deep wounds in life.

In order to use our counselling services to be part of supporting  good mental health;  increasing  happiness and dealing with problems of  our clients, we , therefore, decide that we should have the vision that is consistent with our services  “to make the world livable and then pass it on to others”.  We would like to help others as much as we can  so that later they can be impacts to other people’s life. Knowledge and growth is important to everyone, so, we deeply believe in individual potentials and we are ready to make our clients’ desire be fulfilled.

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

For corporations or organizations we offer a slightly different service, called EAP or Employee Assistance Program. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a tailored made counseling package that is designed differently for each organization, depending on their needs. An EAP package can include counseling, the use of a hotline, booth activities, seminars and crisis intervention. We offer counselling services to corporations all over Thailand. For more information please contact our head office in Bangkok. Read more…

We offer counseling which can be done through face to face counseling at our office in Bangkok or through the phone. (for clients who find it inconvenient to travel to the counseling center in Bangkok or have a busy schedule)

We offer training in various topics. Including, stress management, EQ development, conflict resolution, healthy communication, work-life happiness, work motivation and many other personal psychology-related topics with the goal of helping the participants develop themselves. (For further inquiries about training topics please contact LightPost Counseling in Bangkok, Thailand)