It is  a counseling program provided for companies’ or organizations’ employees. It has been designed by our professional experts to help human resource and medical treatment  to take care of  mental health of employees. It is known as worldwide program, and we have professional phycologists to help you. We have been offering  various kinds of counseling services in order to  fit the needs of the organizations, companies. Each counseling  type  offers many kinds of service such as  counseling by phone, individual counseling, group counseling, counseling  for executive team, law counseling, family therapy, marital counseling, children and teenagers  counseling, crisis counseling. We also offer booth exhibitions and seminars.

General Counseling

This type of counseling is suitable to  the people in general, who needs our counsels, such as  dealing with stress, work adjustment, premarrital  counseling, counseling for  children and family and law counseling . They can  receive individual counseling, family counseling and group counseling.


Light Post has also provided topical trainings relating to personal development to improve life qualities. These are topics we offered : dealing with stress, building motivation in works, being excellent communicator, EQ development and other topics relating to personal development. (For more information, you can contact us.)

ฝึกอบรม เพื่อการพัฒนาบุคลากร

Light Post Counseling  has started in Thailand many years ago, we has offered the services since 2002. For 16 years, we has had opportunities to give our services to various groups of customers such as  energy  consumer industrial group, travel industrial group, electrical insdustrial group, etc. We have experience  expert team to give counsels on various topics. We aims to offer high quality services in order to  help your employees  solve their problems when  facing anxieties and stress, which are the  results of these  problems. Their stress and anxieties can affect to their working effective. This is the reason,we have to help you employees to have physical and mental healthiness because this will affect to the development and goal acheivement of your companies and organizations.

How can you contact us?

We have office in Bangkok where we  can offer our face to face  counseling services in our office and we also provide services outsides our office. We can provide crisis counseling, counseling on phone, and hotline service for 24 hours for you.


Affirmation from our Clients

State of Enterprise
(HR department)
We have been using the service of Light Post  for many years. For the first year up to now, their services help us understand our personnel’s needs better, so, we can see the changes in our organization.

Commodity group
(HR Department)
Our company has known that   the investment  to happiness building of our personnel will affact  positively  to  our profits. We can reduce  our expenses in the long run, and  it can affact to  our persennel’s effectiveness.

Engery industrial group
“In the past, I had been facing so many problems in my life. I felt like  suffocating, I could not find the way out. It was very good to have someone I could get advices to  solve the problems. Now I has already better life.”