EAP 4 Happily Check

Now  you can measure your happiness level as following: Firstly, are you excited or comfortable to go to work? Secondly, do you enjoy working so much that you forget the time? Thirdly, do you have good relationship with your colleague? Fourthly,do you feel happy and proud with your acheivement? Fifthly, can you work there for […]

EAP 3 Working Happily

Practice to satisfy and accept who you are. Practice to balance all of your activities in your daily life. Make good relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. Do not overwhelm with stress. Do activities that make you feel happy. Find causes of your stress. Solve the problems directly to the point.

EAP 2 Coping with stress

Stress can take away your happiness and peace,  if you do not deal with it effectively. Stress can be increased to middle and then highest level. It causes insomnia, anxieties, restlessness,including conflicts with others. Coping with stress is important.When you adjust your attitude, then you can  eventually solve this problem. You can ask helps from […]

EAP 1 Stress

The causes of stress of each person are various. Basically, each person has differently basic of life and strength of mind, that’s the reason why we cannot compare a person’s stress to another person’ s stress. However, If you have stress, then you will surely lose peace, happiness and balanced life style. Stress might be […]

How much do you know yourself?

Understanding yourself helps increasing self-esteem. It helps you understand your strength and limitation, so you are able to improve yourself and expand your area of expertise. You should take time each day to think about yourself; how you have been doing, and what you should have done for the next time. The Johari Window divided […]


Depression is a mental disorder problem, patient will be in a depressed condition combined with lack of confidence and self respect. The patients will not show their attention on any daily activities which once they enjoyed to do. We can call this sicknesss as “condition of depleted happiness”. Depression is mental anomic condition that affects […]

Time management

Time management is “the determination and control of the operation in order to achieve the purposes on the given time, and cause high efficiency of responsibility” Time is important to everyone and time also has special characteristics, which are. 1. Time is a limited resource and will be used up. 2. We cannot buy additional […]

Psychology of love

How does love begin? According to researches, love begins with these following factors:  Close relationship is the beginning of love; friendship, and getting to know each other, and then this relationship is developed to another step of  loving and marriage. This kind of relationship gives chance  for them to have more time to get to […]

Psychology for happy family

Family psychology is for happiness of family. Family institution is related relationship system, normally family is important source that gives close relationship, warmth, understanding, encouragement,  refuge when time of troubles. The beginning of having happy family has been firstly started with good communication within family. Obviously, family members should not compare their family to other […]

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