How to solve conflicts in your workplace

Conflict can be occurred, since there are human on this planet. Human always have conflicts because people are different, especially when they have to work together. When conflicts occur, there are two perspectives relating to the conflicts, as following :1. We think that our idea is ourselves, so, if anyone does not think like us, they are opposing us, and becoming our enemy. This perspective makes conflict management become more difficult and it can become fighting between two persons who have different perspectives.
2. It is seen as reality and reasons for every issue, however, there is no absolute truth, therefore, when the conflicts occur, people can express their ideas and reasons. They can fight in their discussions but after their fierce discussions, they can talk and have fellowship together as friends. 

The cuases of conflicts

1. Conflict on the benefits both of individual and organizations, companies or institutes.
2. Conflict caused by adhering to their own idea.
3. Conflict caused by indistinguishing between personal and collective issues.
4. Conflict caused by misunderstanding the ways of thinking, steps of thinking, characters and personalities, which are different from each other.5. Conflict caused by unreasonableness. They try to protect themselves when making mistakes by claiming many reasons for self righteousness.

How to solve the conflicts

1. Clear goal: Many times, we fight and adhere our idea so much that we forget our real goal. So, it is very important to know what the real goal of our organization is.
2. Assign the clear role of everyone, this will help us know everyone’s responsibilities, as well as the manager’s expectation.
3. Determine basic principles together, it is basic rule, such as when conflicts occur, both sides are not allowed to let the third persons judge their conflict, because the third person will use their own idea when judging. It can make the conflict worse. Do not try to find other people to support you, because this can divide people in your organization into two groups. When the conflict occurs, do not leave it for long. The conflict needs to be solved within 2-3 days, otherwise it will be too late.
4. Do not allude to any third party in the meeting, when they are absent, especially anyone who is having conflict with you. It is good to talk face to face.
5.Do not let the idea conflict become the personal conflict between two persons.