EAP 2 การจัดการความเครียด

Coping with  stress

Stress can take away your happiness and peace,  if you do not deal with it effectively. Stress can be increased to middle and then highest level. It causes insomnia, anxieties, restlessness,including conflicts with others.

Coping with stress is important.When you adjust your attitude, then you can  eventually solve this problem. You can ask helps from your supportive friends, including learning from whatever you do and  learning that you can improve it. You might tell youself that you   do not try hard  but you are ready to be developed, or learn from your mistakes, because you are just human being. When  you make mistakes, forgive yourself, give yourself more opportunities to start over again. You might find something to refresh yourself such as  watching movie, listening to music, or singing. Singing will make you happy, or watching movie can make you enjoy, as well as  reading books will help you  feel relaxed. If you are  very stressful,  you  can close your eyes just a few minutes,  and then slowly take  deep breath from your abdomen, then exhale slowly. It will help you feel more relaxed. We can try and adjust these ways to your situation, and  then you will find that they can help reduce  your stress and make you happier.