EAP 3 ตรวจเช็คสุขภาพความสุข

Now  you can measure your happiness level as following: Firstly, are you excited or comfortable to go to work? Secondly, do you enjoy working so much that you forget the time? Thirdly, do you have good relationship with your colleague? Fourthly,do you feel happy and proud with your acheivement? Fifthly, can you work there for […]

EAP 2 การจัดการความเครียด

Stress can take away your happiness and peace,  if you do not deal with it effectively. Stress can be increased to middle and then highest level. It causes insomnia, anxieties, restlessness,including conflicts with others. Coping with stress is important.When you adjust your attitude, then you can  eventually solve this problem. You can ask helps from […]